What is IRAM?

IRAM is the Argentinean Institute for Normalization and Certification founded in 1935 by diverse representatives of different sectors of the economy, government and scientific institutions.

In the field of normalization, IRAM is the only representative of Argentine to regional normalization organizations such as AMN in Mercosur, COPANT at a Pan-American level and ISO and IEC internationally. IRAM leads technical committees that analyze documents and channels national proposals as well as proposes the Argentinian position in these entities and leads various technical committees internationally.

CERTIFIED CYD S.A. is the only sole representative for Ecuador at IRAM. At present we working on Global Gap certification, Good Agricultural Practices, OHSAS 18001 and HACCP.

Systems Management Certification

IRAM certification has validity nationally and internationally. Different types of management systems norms exist for different sectors of the economy.

Norms applicable to all sectors

  • Quality - ISO 9001
  • Environmental - ISO 14001
  • Health and Occupational Security - OHSAS 18001
  • Energy

Norms applicable to certain Sectors

  • Agroalimentary inocuity
  • Gas and Petroleum Industry
  • Tourism Services

Certification of products processes and services is done through IRAM seals and IRAM conformity brands as well as normative documents. IRAM operates in diverse economy sectors.Products, Processes and Services Certification

  • Agro-foods
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Industrial Security





  • Who may be certified by IRAM?

    Any producer, exporter or community group who is voluntarily interested in fulfilling the IRAM certification process conforming with the norms of the different programs. 

  • What is the Global Gap certificate of fruits and vegetables?

    Is to ensure that all stages of production, meet the standards of the Global Gap standards for fruits and vegetables, in the handling and application of agrochemicals, product safety, environmental and social aspects.

  • What are Good Agricultural Practices?

    It is a set of principles, standards and technical recommendations, which seek to reduce the physical, chemical and biological processes in the production, harvesting and packaging in agricultural production; reducing environmental, social and economic risks

  • What is OHSAS 18001?

    It is a management system that seeks to improve the conditions of health and safety at work

  • What is HACCP?

    Is an integrated system of quality based on three main health, safety and quality of processes and products in an integrated  manner. This system ensures that a food is healthy, safe and fulfill with the requirements specified by the customer and supplier.

  • What is the cost of IRAM?

    Please place PDFs where they will be so the use may download. Please don’t forget norms, tariffs and other pertinent documents. 

Corporative information

We promote the respect for life and good use of natural resources through compliance of international standards certification.

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