Sustainable tourism income can multiply up to 3 times

With the incorporation of this concept countries can aspire to more affluent travelers. A German tourist in Chile made an average cost of $ 1,130, if that same traveler decides to go to Australia, would leave the country more than $ 6,760, a sum entirely.

The distance is about the same, the diversity of supply is very similar, but what distinguishes this nation with ours is that for more than 10 years that Australians began to apply the concept of sustainability in business, a trend that has also been successful in other places, as the more affluent tourists are willing to pay more for a product or service that respects and cares for the environment and people.

Today global experience, according to Eugenio Yunis, executive vice president of the Federation of Enterprises in Tourism Chile (FEDETUR), indicates that nations that adopted the concept of sustainability, which involves combining economic variables with the environmental and social, have achieved over the past decade triple its inbound tourism revenues without necessarily raise the number of tourists. That is why "if we were idle, we will be receiving more tourists maybe, but low level of spending and that maybe they will destroy our country", as has happened in other tourist destinations in the world .

Hence, the target proposed by various entities related to this industry is to increase the annual growth rate of tourist spending from 2% to 4.3% and, consequently, increase incoming tourism global revenues of U.S. $ 1,580 million an estimated U.S. $ 6,500 million in 2020.

To achieve this goal have lined up various public and private agencies, including the Secretariat for Tourism, Sernatur, and InnovaChile Fedetur Corfo, giving life to an innovation program Sustainable Tourism (PITS), which runs throughout Chile.

Cristian Morales, Corfo regional director, said that boosting growth in the tourism sector at the regional level is of utmost importance. "Positioning the concept of sustainability as a development, economic, and sociocultural environment is one of the cornerstones of this strategy Innovation in Sustainable Tourism, which aims to quadruple revenues generated by the industry by 2020," said .

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