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Sustainable tourism income can multiply up to 3 times

18 June 2013
With the incorporation of this concept countries can aspire to more affluent travelers. A German tourist in Chile made an average cost of $ 1,130, if that same traveler decides to go to Australia, would leave the country more than $ 6,760, a sum entirely. The distance is about the same, the diversity of supply is very similar, but what distinguishes this nation with ours is that for more than 10 years that Australians began to apply the concept of sustainability in business, a trend that has also been successful in other places, as the more affluent tourists are willing…

The benefits of sustainable

18 June 2013
FIELD JOURNAL Monday September 26, 2011 Protect the environment, workers and involve the community, is a must. And is profitable. Patricia Vildósola Errázuriz Sustainability is not just a one necesidad.Desde moda.Es term business perspective, being sustainable is synonymous with consumer demand, value added and competitiveness.

First grapes and kiwis Chile certificates with Rainforest Alliance

18 June 2013
New stage in South America The first six Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Chile - covering more than 1,000 acres (433 hectares). There are grapes and kiwis grown sustainably for the market (imported by Dayka & Hackett in Reedley, California).

"Chile has incredible potential to develop sustainable tourism policies are appropriate if"

18 June 2013
Under the First International Conference on Sustainable Tourism in Puerto Varas, we interviewed the CEO of "Conservation and Development" Ecuadorian entity that has the support of the international conservation organization Rainforest Alliance, Mauricio Ferro Rettig, on their way through Chile as exhibitor, elaborated on the impact of the tourism industry. More than twenty years has Ferro filed in Ecuador, where he has developed his career as an expert in sustainability, both in agriculture and tourism, supporting the creation of global standards. For Ferro, tourism generates several impacts on a destination, economic, social or environmental, explaining that the big challenge is…

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