Quality Standard

Our company has a commitment to acquire the highest available talent and personnel in all our business areas in order to deliver to the most efficient and dependable services. We aim to fulfill the expectations of our partners, clients, and beneficiaries maintaining our position as a leader in certification services. 

The company ensure that all the parties involved fulfill their roles with outmost focus on quality and the proposed objectives. The company will also encourage active participation and contribution to the development and implementation of company goals, creating a framework of high quality, efficiency and equality standards providing a unified criteria of attention to every client.

The directorate of the Control Organism will be responsible for supervising quality, ensuring that the company delivers to the highest standard of quality, as established by the company. The Quality and Services Manager will ensure that these standards are applied, and will constantly report the result of audits, complaints, questionnaires, among other such occurrences to the Control Organism to deliver the best possible results by implementing corrective behavior and guarantying service standards.

To ensure excellence and the fulfillment of the quality standards the company has established a Quality Guidebook that specifies procedures, forms, and documents, among other relevant information.

The Quality System established by Conservación y Desarrollo Certified S.A., aims to ensure the high quality of inspection and certification services provided, in accordance with the international norms established by various certification services, ensuring professionalism, transparency, impartiality and confidentiality to all clients. The criteria will be as following:

  • Train and provide guidance to our personnel as a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Permanently assure confidentiality and work ethics.
  • Eliminate and prevent events and reasons that prevent the fulfillment of the requisites
  • Implement the approved Quality System
  • Provide the services in a timely manner within the established dates.
  • Evaluate and apply the improvement criteria in procedures as determined by the client

Corporative information

We promote the respect for life and good use of natural resources through compliance of international standards certification.

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