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Currently in our business environment, efficient use of natural resources, respect for the environment, respect for workers rights and social responsibility have become a vital part of the consumer experience in various products and industries. The eco-processes enable consumers to become aware of the high environmental and quality standards followed by a particular company following international standards and norms; this will enable consumers to choose products and services that adjust to their wants and needs.

Our institution is further committed to promoting life and a good management of natural resources, through the following of international certification standards and norms of distinct eco-processes through the use of verification and certification. 

Conservación y Desarrollo Certified S.A., welcomes any individuals or groups that contribute towards the goal of conservation and the search of sustainability, mainly in the inspection and certification fields.

The certification and verification of the established norms will be undertaken by auditors who have enriched technical skills and knowledge, ensuring the equality, impartiality and confidentiality of the information involved in a given project.

The resources that will enable the company to perform its activities are provided by the company, and generate results from the services provided.

Our company’s specific aim is to:

a) Promote the rational and efficient use of resources, creative activity and the use of commerce as well as the transferring of knowledge to create better lifestyles, welfare and the security of individuals.

b)  Study, promote and create norms in the social and environmental areas following the norms established by Desarrollo Certified S.A., following the principles of participation interdisciplinary approach and transparency.

c) Develop Certification Services that contribute to sustainable development, the use of norms and the continuous improvement of products and services for the benefit of clients and society. In order to maintain the principles, rules and regulations dConservación y Desarrollo Certified S.A, follows:

  • Providing of an eco-process in accordance with the program followed.
  • Providing auditing and certification services relating to the fulfillment of norms and documents that are established by the program.
  • The involvement in signing with other certification activities from national or international entities.
  • All materials and agreements necessary to achieve the proposed efforts in the fields of Inspection and Certification.
  • Verifying programs for development of normalization and sustainable certification.
  • Aiding public powers and private entities when possible and involve the entities in all that may be required, particularly the development of the norms.
  • Establish knowledge and norm application as the core of quality services, promoting the use of certification services of  Conservación y Desarrollo Certified S.A., within the country and the international scope.
  • Promote the development of certification professionals, while maintaining a center of specialized documentation to provide norms, rules and regulations pertaining to certification.
  • Adapt our measures and execute all projects utilizing norms established by the eco-processes and the company.

In the same manner the company has a table providing service costs and information. Equality and transparencey are core to the whole process.

Corporative information

We promote the respect for life and good use of natural resources through compliance of international standards certification.

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